Traditional dartboards

What are the types of traditional dartboards?

Classic darts are played with arrows that have steel tips.

Hence the name steel dart.

The targets for classic darts themselves are made from various materials, such as cork, paper, wood. Most modern dartboards today are made from sisal fiber.

Cork dartboard

Cork is used in lower-quality products.

Boards made from it are lightweight and cheaper.

The downside of these targets is rapid wear, which prevents prolonged training and play.

Serious players and competitors will never use cork targets.

When purchasing, one should carefully consider and opt for cork targets only in the case of a limited budget.

Paper dartboard

Wound paper, as a material used in the production of classic targets, is yet another cheaper option.

Targets made of wound paper are created by wrapping strips of paper in a circle, forming the striking surface of the dartboard, where the scoring sections are marked.

Such dartboards are relatively cheaper and theoretically more durable, but practice tells a different story.

Only in an ideal case does the steel tip of the dart penetrate between the layers of paper, but in reality, even slight damage to the tip can tear the layers of paper and cause irreparable damage.

These boards are not durable and are not recommended for any serious training or play.

Sisal dartboard

And what is sisal?

Sisal is a fiber made from the Agave Sisalana plant.

This fiber is very durable and is used in the production of ropes, paper, and fabrics.

Sisal is certainly the best material for the production of 'bristle' dartboards.

Proof of this is that targets made from it are used

in competitions of the highest level.

The biggest drawback of classic darts is that the game results must be manually recorded.

In the past, results were manually recorded on boards next to the dartboard, but nowadays this is done with the help of applications on tablets or laptops.

Technological advancements have brought about changes in the development of classic darts.

Recently, on the market, opto-electronic systems have appeared that track dart hits on the target, to automate the process of the game itself